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The following provides an insight into just some of the solutions we have delivered over the past few years.

Time Reporting for Field Based Employees

Employees design, development and implementation of a web-based timesheet expenses solutions, with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. The system saves time money by allowing centralisation of timesheets, expenses, absence and overtime input and reporting.

Field based employees can complete time records using mobile phones, laptops or desktop PCs at any time. Because the solution is web based (fully secure) employees have 24/7 access.

Subsequent integration of the system with Sage allows reduction in data input (and associated errors), and faster turnaround of accurate payroll, overtime and expense payments against validated timesheets.

Stock Catalogue Stock Requests

A desktop and mobile stock application allowing field-based and office staff to check current stock levels and request stock locally or via laptops or mobile phones when out on the road.

Available on the Internet via a securely restricted company Extranet, any authorised member of your team can quickly gain access to manage, order or check stock.

The solution provides an administrator option to upload images of the stock items together with detailed information such as suppliers, cost per unit, contact information etc.

Having access to stock information from any location saves time, money and wasted site visits.

Company Extranet

An extranet is a computer network that allows controlled access from the outside, for specific business purposes. It can be viewed as an extension of a company intranet for field-based employees or users outside of the company, for example partners and suppliers.

An Extranet can be used simply to make key business processes and information available (for example standards, user guides, procedures). Alternatively it can be more complex with links into your back-office, allowing instant invoicing for work completed on site, adjustment of stock as it is picked and completion of risk assessments recorded immediately into your performance management system.

Any extranet is unique to each customer’s business needs. Bespoke modules and integration will vary in price depending on complexity.

Route Planning Job Scheduling

We have authored a bespoke Scheduling Application to integrate tracking data for vehicles live positions, Bing and Mappoint maps for route planning optimisation and Highways Agency traffic information to show trouble spots. This application taps into back office systems to collect mobile worker job information and work / home address locations which are then shown on map and included in reports. The streamlined work process and improved fleet visibility have saved an estimated £500,000 in the first year of implementation for one customer with a field workforce of between 20 – 30.

API Integration

A growing number of software providers are now making web services (API's) available so that their clients can access data across systems and combine this into a variety of management and operational views.

For example, if you use a vehicle tracking system, through an API you can extract your raw vehicle positional data to integrate into your back office system for analysis. This helps to identify areas where direct and indirect costs can be better managed. For example, in overtime and fuel charges.

Scheduling jobs becomes easier, timesheet and vehicle journey comparisons can be done in seconds. Alex Weir SBSS will create integration applications which automate the tasks of data integration and analysis. The end result can be provided in a basic report, or displayed in a website, accessible via mobile phone or a windows desktop application.

If an API is available we can work with it to bring your data together in an accessible format, without the expense and effort involved in investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Business Analysis & Reporting

It is sometimes difficult to see the ‘bigger picture’ when dealing with the day-to-day pressures of running a small business.

A well designed analysis and reporting interface, which integrates information stored across your current systems, can help you to identify trends and areas for improvement. Reports can be made available online, or distributed to designated recipients.

You can then use the information to plan your operations and strategy, knowing that you have taken all aspects of potential risk into account.