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API Integration:

A growing number of software providers are now making web services (API's) available so that their clients can access data across systems and combine this into a variety of management and operational views.

For example, if you use a vehicle tracking system, through an API you can extract your raw vehicle positional data to integrate into your back office system for analysis. This helps to identify areas where direct and indirect costs can be better managed. For example, in overtime and fuel charges.

Scheduling jobs becomes easier, timesheet and vehicle journey comparisons can be done in seconds. Alex Weir SBSS will create integration applications which automate the tasks of data integration and analysis. The end result can be provided in a basic report, or displayed in a website, accessible via mobile phone or a windows desktop application.

If an API is available we can work with it to bring your data together in an accessible format, without the expense and effort involved in investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

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