Why choose Alex Weir
Small Business Software Solutions?
Choose Alex Weir SBSS because we want to be your long term client.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to act as a trusted partner providing the best advice and the right solution, at the time it is needed, so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Company growth and the software used to manage enhanced processes go hand in hand. As your organisation grows, we will be available to respond to your requirements and make sure that you have the tools to support you.

Our Process:


In the first stage we will professionally and confidentially assess your company's needs and provide a detailed scope for the solution which we believe will benefit you. If you decide that our proposal makes sense, we will begin the process of prototyping your bespoke solution.


So that you can see the solution as it is being developed, and have input along the way, we will invite you to regular reviews of a prototype solution. The prototype will have limited functionality but will give you a real feel of how the software being developed for you will look, feel and perform. The use of a prototype actually speeds up the development process, and ensures that the end result is absolutely in line with your requirements.


Once you have signed-off the prototype we will get to work on the finished solution. The development of your solution is subject to rigorous testing before it can be released to your ‘live’ environment. This testing includes a ‘beta’ release to you, so that you can request last minute amendments before implementing the solution within your organisation.


We will provide user friendly documentation to support any solution that is developed.

How do we differ from other software companies?

Unlike purchased software which is normally under license, any bespoke solution commissioned from Alex Weir SBSS is the property of your organisation. You will be given the entire solution, including the source code, and full rights to use in any way you choose, going forwards.  Of course, we hope that you will continue to work in partnership with Alex Weir SBSS for any updates required into the future!

Alex Weir Small Business Software solutions creates exceptional value by blending innovative software development methods, close customer relationships, and expert customer service.